About me

I’m just another girl who is sick of reality. 


28 thoughts on “About me

  1. That’s the confidence ! I love it. Hiba I love your name. and love your blog. I am glad to enter your world. Following you, and will dig into your archives soon. Love xx

  2. the piece of work, thoughts. it was such a coincidence that i was feeling that very same thing and i came across your blog and now your thoughts might live in mine and it’d go on forever.
    but it just makes me question more and more.

    1. That’s true. I honestly don’t know what to say because it even makes me question more and more. There is no definite answer to the whole existence of thoughts.
      Anyway, thanks for your comment. I hope that you do drop by my blog every now and again.
      Take care,
      Hiba 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sreejit. I’m not sure if I’ll be participating, but it would be an honor to be part of it. The series is quite an amazing one. I’ll try maybe 🙂

  3. The theme has snowfall option in it COOOOOOOOL !!!

    Wow that earned you the follow, yeah i wasnt seeing the profile before but with your name comes that other one which is closed so you might want to change that fact.

    I hope to expect goodies from your side on my Reader 🙂
    Seriously this snowfall is Epic!

      1. Well. I checked your blog before nominating. Don’t know how I missed.
        Anyway, I give this right to choose to you.
        Should you choose to accept it?
        (That would cause a smile to me.)
        Should you choose to not accept it?
        (That would not cause a smile to me.) 🙂

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