My best friend.

I changed. My whole personality changed. My world, solar system, universe, my everything changed. Because of one person. Just one.
How she did it, I don’t know. And even she doesn’t realise what an impact she had on my life. I had never known that just talking to a random person out of boredom would change everything for me. My fears are gone. All my insecurities are gone. My shyness flew away somewhere, and most of all I started to trust my life a bit more.
I never expected life to bring me a true friend after being betrayed so many times, but I guess I was wrong.
It’s not like she’s the best and the most different person, she’s just normal…but yet to me she’s different. An aura hangs around her that says ‘trust me’. She can understand the complicated emotions that say ‘go away but yet stay’.
She will never know how much she means to me. How much I don’t want to lose her. We shared such crazy moments, that my heart aches thinking about them. All our inside jokes and random bursts of hysterics. All our silly fangirling moments, and discussions of our emotional pasts. All our secrets and everything that we could share.
It pains me to think, that soon we’ll change our paths and move on with life, having different goals in life.
Sometimes, I seriously put into consideration, our fake plans of running away together and live together. That will always be an unfulfilled dream…to stay with my best friend forever.
I don’t even know if she considers me that special. I don’t know if I changed her life the way she changed mine. All I know is that I want to be there for her when she needs me just as she had been there for me when I had needed her.
Before, I used to accuse God for not being there for me when I was betrayed so many times, but now I thank God for sending someone as close as an angel to get me through those betrayals.
I pray to God everyday, to keep you my friend forever and keep you as happy as you can be, ’cause someone like you doesn’t deserve to be depressed.
Dedicated to my one and only crazy, smart, idiotic, creative, random, all in one, best friend.
I love you, Jayvee!


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