Long live.

What lives forever? Us? Money? Reputation?
No. None of that. It’s just memories that live forever. Even when we’re gone. We’re remembered for our deeds.
People only remember what we had done for them or for anyone else. They wont remember how much money you had in your account when you died. They’ll remember how you ruined somebody’s day, or how you made somebody’s day.
What you do for this world will make a difference. The impact you make on somebody’s life will make a difference. How you live your life will make a difference. Stop trying to please the world. The world will be pleased if you have a good reputation, and a nice amount of money…
But, when you die, will it benefit you in anyway? Or, even when you’re alive, would you enjoy life the way you want? No, you’ll be too busy trying to please the society! So, you’re not happy in life because you’re too busy, and you wont be happy after life because you won’t even be remembered. The people you tried to please, will find someone else with a greater reputation and a greater amount of money. The whole world does the same thing…try to please the people. They’re no different. But the people only remember those that stood out. Those that were not trying to please the society but to please themselves. Those that were not afraid to be themselves.
When you live life the way you wanted, you’ll enjoy it. And after you die, you’ll be remembered for living your life.

Long live the memories. Long live the differences. Long live the smiles you put on their face. Long live the inspirations you gave to somebody. Long live the lessons they learnt from you. Long live the fact that you were not afraid to be you.
Long live.


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