What do I choose?

What do I choose? There are so many fields out there. All that catch my attention. All that captivate me, forcing me to pick them. But I can’t pick all of them.
There are so many beautiful, yet unknown paths ahead of me…I want all of them, craving adventure. Bursting to know all about them. Asking everyone, which is the most beautiful and adventurous. Asking them which one is the most beneficial; which one is full of struggles, and which one is the one for me.
I’m a completely philosiphical being, hence attracted to philosophy. It understands me and I understand it. Completely different in its values and morals; most humane form of knowledge – Philosophy.
Pshychology. I’m all about understanding. being able to understand emotions, and being able to give terrific advices, I want pshychology.
Literature. It captivates me. I want to read things that let me witness what’s written. I want to read and read and read. And I want to write. I want to write such that a person has clear and precise image of what I want to show, with strokes of simple, yet beautiful words.
Photography. I want to capture every moment and make it a memory. Every beautiful scene, every beautiful friend and just anything and everything. I want to capture every beautiful scene that pops infront of me, so unexpected. I want to capture things that make me speechless because of sheer excellence; that which overwhelms me to the extent that I just don’t want to move on; when I wish the time would freeze and let me forever stare at the beauty infront of me; something so beautiful that I want to touch to make sure it’s actually real and right there. Those things I want to capture and remember forever.
Say, now which path do I pick? I want to take all, run and play on all the roads, discover the beauty of each, feel the excitement of all.
But right now I’m standing at the beginning of a path which is divided. Mesmerised by each’s difference and beauty, what do I choose?


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