Who is responsible?

Your neighbour is hungry. He doesn’t have anything to eat. You daughter is crying; no one understands her. That boy on the street lost his parents. That girl you call a slut is insecure.
There are children out there who are dying of starvation. People who are illeterate; begging for help. Animals are going extinct. Those teens commited suicide.
Did you ever stop and think who is responsible for all of this?
You. Yes, you. Did you ever even greet your neighbour and ask him how he is? Did you ever try to understand the youth? Did you ever stroke the head of an orphan child? Did you ever bother to spend less than a dollar on a loaf of bread for that boy roaming on the streets in search of something to eat?
No. Why should you? They’re not your responsibilty, are they? BUT this world is yours, isn’t it?
Now, let me tell you this:
When you say ‘This is my family’, you take responsibilty of your family. You make sure that they have everything they need. You want them to be happy. Well, they’re a responsibility for you because they’re your family.
So, to explain it in a philosophical manner, whenever you claim that something is yours, you are taking responsibility of that thing.
So, when you say ‘This is my neighbourhood’, you’re actually taking responsibility of your neighbour. If your neighbour goes to bed with an empty stomach, it’s beacuse of you. You are the one who’s responsible.
When you say ‘This is my country’, you are again taking responsibility of your country. You gotta make sure that the people of your country have what they need. Obviously you cannot check for every single person in your country, but you could do as much as you can.
The same goes for when you claim ‘This is my world’. You’re taking responsibility of every single thing that exists in this world. Animals included.
And none of this is going to go to waste. It will benefit you in your future in many ways. When you create an environment where you’re actually taking responsibilty, your children will learn the same thing. You will be building your children in the best way.
And we have to realise that children, no matter whose, will be our future one day. We are actually depending on children for a better future. So stop critisizing children and teenagers. Give them attention and respect their needs of privacy.
I know that teens can be bunch of rebels and reckless people and what not. But they wont be able to lead you if you criticize them and make them feel worthless. You think a bunch of dull kids can lead you? Ofcourse, not. You got respect them, love them and give them the attention that they need. And when a person does ten good things for you, you got to ignore the two bad things he did. Same way to appreciate the hundred good thing that these kids will do in the future you, got to ignore the few bad things that they’re doing right now.
And believe me, none of this will go to waste.


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