Writer’s block…

Writer’s block… Ugh.
How frustrating it is to come all the way to the middle of the road and stop, forgetting how to walk ahead. When you were running with such speed and all of a sudden you halt.
Your mind keeps popping with ideas but none of them feel right…It’s like trying to figure out how to do your hair on a special occasion. Even though you know so many hairstyles, none of them feel perfect at that moment.
Then you just keep waiting…for something to come to your head; something that fits; something that’s perfect. But still nothing comes. You try to find ideas in your surroundings, but those too, fail to inspire you. Even though you know you shouldn’t force yourself, you just don’t want to give up. And even when you feel like giving up, you would still sit there for an hour or two, not giving up hope, trying to come up with something when you’re very much sure that it wont help.
So you give up. You try distracting yourself…But no. That incomplete piece of your work keeps coming right back up your mind, getting you even more frustrated.
Though, you don’t go back to it until the next day. And you still have no idea…You’re just sitting there wasting time. You try browsing through you pictures, shuffling through your drawers, trying to find anything that would give you some idea. It’s like while you’re stuck there in the middle of that road, you’re asking the surrounding plants and birds how to walk ahead.
And obviously, they hold no answer. And then you just give up out of frustration. ‘I tried everything! Why doesn’t anything come to me? Why haven’t I got any word in my head? How did I forget to walk? I tried looking around me for inspiration, too! Then why am I stuck?!’
And when you give up and move on, it comes to you months later while you’re lying in bed….You get an incredible idea months later! It’s like your mind is playing games with you. It is capable of coming up with great ideas, but it’s just too moody.
And that is what you call ‘writer’s block’. It means just one thing: frustration.
And then when you’re done, you sigh deeply and smile at your brain’s moodiness.


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