Another day, another post.

It’s quite inspiring for me to not share it. So here you go.
PS: never give up

Life's little ways

Another day, another post.

And today is just a piece of advice for, myself first and foremost and to all those in a similar boat.
There’s somethings we just can’t escape. Some parts of our lives we are not in control of and we just simply cannot do anything about the issue. There’s no two ways about that – we’re helpless when it comes to certain things that hold us back. Right now, I feel pretty held back. Like I’m not achieving as much as I’m capable purely because I’m mentally drained by this helpless issue. And I’d spend hours thinking ‘if only it was like this’ and ‘if only this changed’, I’m dwelling in the possibilities of the past – stupid right? What’s the point of me clinging on to baseless thoughts of impossible hopes? Things aren’t going to change in the past but I still have tomorrow. I…

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