No, my room is not in order. Irresponsible?

So you say I’m irresponsible because my cupboard is a mess. You say I’m irresponsible because I always delay my work. You think that I’m irresponsible because my room is untidy and I never make my bed.

But I think that you are irresponsible. Yes your cupboard is tidy and you never delay your work. Your room is in order and you make your bed every day. But you’re still irresponsible because you don’t even know the meaning of responsibility.

Responsibility does not come from caring about your things so much as it comes from caring about people and their feelings. It does not come from your room being tidy. You think you’re responsible? You go around hurting a ton of people for a reason unknown to eternity. Life is neither a competition nor a race. Pushing people down the road won’t get you where you wanna go. Being responsible is to make yourself fit in with the others. Their colours and your colours together will make a beautiful picture. But you alone will only just be a simple colour. Life is about being responsible by complimenting the contrast formed by you and the other colours, not by competing with them.

No, I’m not telling anyone not to stand out. I’m just telling you the real meaning of responsibility and life. And anyway, to stand out, one doesn’t need to literally stand out of the picture, in some corner. One only needs to be brighter than the rest.

But please stop accusing people of being irresponsible just because their rooms are not in order. Nor believe that you’re responsible just because you value things over people.


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