Facts about myself.


Because I cannot think of anything else, I have decided to tell you a bit about myself. It’s not really a bit. It’s a bit more than a that. 😀

-> I love coffee and green tea. Yes I know that they cannot co-exist, but for me, they do.

-> I love Ovaltine without milk 😛

-> I love debates.

-> My favorite colours are blue, black, white and red.

-> My all time favorite novel is Blood Games by Richard Laymon.

-> I suck at all kinds of sports but I enjoy playing badminton, basketball, football and rugby………without rules 😛

->If you ask me about my biggest dream, I’ll tell you that I want time to go back to when Michael Jackson was alive so could get his autograph.

-> Though, my biggest ‘possible’ dream would be to live with my best friend. Quite typical…..

-> My favorite food is Pasta but only the one that my friend makes. But frankly, I would eat anything as long as it does not contain eggs….Except when used in cupcakes, cookies etc.  😀

-> Another dream of mine would be to go on world tour. (Yes, most of my dreams are impossible. That’s why they’re called “dreams”)

-> I love superwoman. Yup, I’m talking about the youtuber.

-> I don’t like the concept of waking up early.

-> The most important thing in my life would be tissue paper. I cannot live without those.

-> Oh, and pencils. I cannot bring myself to be creative if I don’t have a pencil in my hand. No, really…

-> I still watch buggs bunny and Tom and Jerry. 😀

-> My favorite show is the legendary- Khichdi. 😉

->For those of you who wonder why my blog is called ‘bulbulay’, well, yes it means bubbles and it is because this blog is all about my thoughts. But they’re just glimpses of what goes on in my head. A bubble cannot hold much, can it? You can only catch glimpses of my thoughts in those bubbles. Now you see what I did there?

-> I don’t like cold drinks. I don’t know why but I just don’t. It’s been like that since as long as I can remember.

-> Another facts is that I’m wishing you a beautiful day, full of smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂



3 thoughts on “Facts about myself.

  1. Comparing thoughts with bubbles is a wonderful idea, some are short-span memories, others stay for long. They give colorful glimpses of ‘self’ and that’s what I love about your blog! 🙂
    Pencils – my favorite things. Nothing inspires me to write more than they do. A sharpened, good pencil and a journal. I’ve a lot of diaries. You like diaries?
    I don’t like the concept of waking up early, either. 😉 And it’s always too early! Black and blue are my fave colors too, Michael Jackson isn’t. 🙂 Ovaltine, yess, without milk 😀 And debates too. I’ve participated in quite a lot of them during those school days.
    Loved reading about you, mostly because I could relate as well. Keep creating those wonderful ‘bulbulays’ like you do, best wishes. =)

    1. With the pencils, yes. God, I love my pencils.
      And, yeah, I keep a diary too. I love keeping diaries. Although, I always have to hide it, or my bro will read 😉
      And about MJ, WHY???? I love Mj! But well, you have your own favorites.
      I never really participated in debates, I just saw others participate. I just enjoy others argue. Haha. I’m not the one to get involved. Unless, it’s a serious matter of course.
      Thanks for the response!

      1. I’ve to hide them too. 😉 Many, many things are better hidden you see, especially when there are spies around. 😀
        Lol I was never that fond of MJ, but I understand you like him much! Good 🙂

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