Zu. There’s no other name for Zu. It’s just Zu. So Zu helped me through a very tough time, recently All I want to say is that Zu, you have no idea how grateful I am to you. Really, I cannot even think of words when it comes to expressing my gratefulness to you. So, I’ll just say a simple thank you, expecting you to understand that you are truly a great person. You hardly knew who I was and still decided to help.

Just know that I’m under your debt. If you ever need help, then I’ll do my best to help you. And if you ever feel down and unwanted, just remember me. There are plenty of people going through what I went through. I was lucky to have you beside me. Those others don’t have anyone. All you need to know, is that a lot of those people need people like you. You and your kind will always be needed on this cold planet where no one is ready to help each other and be human.

Thank you, Zu. Thank you so much 🙂

Oh, and Zaibi, of course. Without you, even Zu wouldn’t have been able to help…. God bless the two of you ❤

I love you too, Jayvee :p



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