till our dreams turn to dust

No words for this.

Haseeb Sultan

when we walk down the hallways of the school, the classes beside us,the bodies pushing through, our thoughts flooding this ocean of hormones; only to end up drowning in the sea of life. people don’t see it, that we’re all just broken beings, stuttering through life like our words, like our thoughts. and with every smile, and every hand shake, every interaction, we try to calm ourselves, to prove to ourselves tat we’re floating, we’re alive.

when we get in our cars, how we wish we could just drive away. if only life were that easy. to just get on the bike, no helmet, no rules, and feel the wind gushing through our hair. we need to feel alive. we need to be inspired to live. but all we do is gett on the bus, while our cars gather rust, till our dreams turn to dust.

we’re afraid to love…

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