Beautiful people.


Beautiful days, beautiful thoughts, beautiful places, beautiful ends, beautiful beginnings, beautiful hopes, beautiful dreams, beautiful lives, beautiful smiles, beautiful times, beautiful tears, beautiful aches, beautiful heartbreaks, beautiful breakdowns, beautiful struggles, beautiful motivations, beautiful actions, beautiful souls, beautiful people.

They’re beautiful people with beautiful hearts and beautiful souls. With beautiful faces and beautiful smiles. With beautiful thoughts and beautiful motivations. They fell, but they beautifully got up and worked harder. They broke, but they still beautifully gathered themselves up. Their hearts broke, but they still managed to beautifully love people with all the broken pieces. They had tragedies, but they beautifully turned those into fairy tales. Life made them frown, but they still turned them into beautiful smiles. Every time life pushed them down, they beautifully hoped. They beautifully dreamed. Throughout all bad times, they managed to have beautiful times. Every time life gave them a bad end, they turned it into a beautiful beginning.

They’re still hurting. They’re still breaking. They’re still crying. They’re still dreaming. They’re still hoping. They’re still smiling. They’re still fighting. They’re still living. They’re still believing. They’re still beautiful… So beautiful.

How had I never known? How had I never seen? Had I been so blind? All I’d seen was their beautiful fairy tale of a life. All I had seen was their beautiful dreams come true. How had I never seen their tragedies? How had I never seen their tears? How had I never seen their broken hearts? How had I never seen their struggles? How…? Some friend, huh? Their best friend….. I’m their best friend and yet they hid it so well from me. My childhood best friends…

I’m not hurt. I’m just amazed. More than ten years and they hid it so well. They never let it show… Yes. my heart does ache for them. They didn’t deserve any of it. They didn’t deserve any kind of pain, heartbreak or frown. ย They’re just too beautiful for any of that.

Tamanna, you’re an amazing person. You’re the first person that had walked into my life and stayed till today. Nobody in their right minds would want to give you up and the people that hurt you have no right to do so. One day you’ll lead an amazing life and the people that gave up on you will hate themselves for giving you up. That day, they’ll realise that you were not just a ordinary rock to be tossed aside. You were too precious a diamond and now they lost the right to call you theirs. You’re beautiful and I will love you always.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful people.

  1. OMG ! WOW ! That was such beautiful, touching and wonderfully written piece. I felt myself beautiful reading the first patagraph and in the end I am feeling that pain….. You care so much for your friend…she is lucky, very lucky ! You know I have been hiding myself too from my friends from my own parents and from everyone around me. I only reveal myself , my feelings through writing but in real life no one knows what is inside me.
    You write so beautifully Hiba…..No wonder your name is THAT beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved it !

    1. I’m glad you like it. And I do care a lot about her. And about you. You really do remind me of her in ways ๐Ÿ™‚
      I understand what it feels like to hide your true identity from people. Even the best of them. I also find it very hard to express my love to certain lovable people in my life. I usually write it down for them ’cause I’m just never able to speak it out. I think it’s the same for you?
      And I’m thinking that you’re obsessed with my name :p
      I’m very glad to have found such a nice reader on my blog. Keep reading, Love ya! xx

    1. I had actually written something about you but then I thought ki yaar, rehne do. Konsa mujhe koi noble prize milne wala hai. ๐Ÿ˜›

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