I’ve always been the one to sit and talk it all out no matter how angry or upset I am (with an exception of three people in my life). I’m ready to forgive and I’m ready to explain.

But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s okay to get mad. Sometimes, a person is just plain stupid and ignorant and needs no explanation or forgiveness. All that the person needs is a scolding. The irrational one. The one that mothers give when they’re fed up of their children’s behavior. When they’re too tired to deal with any more shit.

Maybe, it’s okay to forget all our etiquette at that moment and just bang our heads in the wall because the person is just too ignorant to understand. Maybe, it’s okay to show someone the middle finger and tell them that they’re worth nothing to us. Maybe, it’s okay to make the person feel like shit for a little moment just so knows what he has put you through. Maybe, it’s okay to break thing out of frustration.  Maybe, it’s okay to cause a little harm to someone because nobody understands that you’re innocent. Maybe, it’s okay to curse someone out of your resentment for him. Maybe, it’s okay to backbite about that person. Maybe, it’s okay to just forget all your morals of forgiveness and second chances because you’ve already given that person a billion chances. Maybe, it’s okay to torment that person for a little while because you’re angry at him for treating you like that….

Maybe, everybody has a limit of patience. Maybe, it is valid for us to hate everyone just because one person crossed the line. Maybe, it’s valid to be brat simply because you’re tired. Maybe, it’s okay to erase their smiles just because yours have been erased. Maybe, it’s okay to put others through the same just so they know what you’ve been through….

Maybe…. Just maybe, it’s okay to be mad…


5 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. No, It’s not okay to think about the May be’s….. Not at all you have said here. But I know the feeling which urges you to do these things. It will pass. Don’t let these take control over you 🙂 Love you ! xx

    1. No, I wont let them take control… It’s just a thought that enters my head at times when people seem too ignorant… It’s nice of you to remind that thinking of the maybe’s is not good.
      You’re officially the best person that I’ve ever met on wordpress! I love you too!!

  2. Maybe, and just maybe. Too many ‘maybe-s’ our lives begin with, another loads of them we live with, and death? Uncertain certainties.
    It’s okay to be mad at times.
    It’s okay to tell them they’re not worth it, if that’s a hundredth time.
    It’s okay to break a glass. On their face, maybe.
    It IS ok when things cross limits. Not all of it, but to some extent. And there we go controlling our own emotions because nobody else but us are responsible for what we’ll be doing and the results later.

    Hiba!.. It’s not okay to curse them because after all, they’re those that mean to us. Which is what makes us furious, no?
    *sigh* I rarely make sense, and I usually regret my said things later.

    1. Actually, you do make sense. And no, maybe it’s not good to curse them because they are the ones who mean a lot to us. I had read this somewhere: Words don’t have the strength to hurt us, but the people who say them because those are the people we trusted and never expected it from. But of course, there are times when we feel like cursing either them or our own selves. I’d rather curse my fate… ‘Cause obviously, somethings are not in my hands to control. Or maybe I shouldn’t be cursing my fate even… Maybe, I should just go with the flow and accept life the way it is… It’s God who knows what He’s doing…
      And maybe, I should’ve ended the article on a positive note… I just saw the positive side when you and Lala pointed it out for me.
      Thanks for doing that, both of you. I feel kinda better now 🙂 x

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