No name.

Stop playing the damsel in distress.

Stop being such a baby.

Stop creating so much drama.

Stop fussing over the smallest of things.

Stop whining about the things in life that you cannot control.

Start counting you heartbeats as the biggest blessings.

Grow up! Please…

See how everybody really cares.

Stop with your ignorance and grow the hell up!

Star accepting the truth and start admitting your wrongs.

Know that not everyone’s perfect and know that life…. it will never be “perfect”. But it can be “better”. ย Just stop whining and smile and everything will be better. I promise.



3 thoughts on “No name.

    1. Yes, it’s truly hard to act upon…
      I am kinda fine….I guess…
      LOL, Just a bit of a problem but I’m sure everything will be fine, Insha Allah.
      Take care ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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