Enough already…

And we hear the stories everyday…. Fifteen year old girl dies in car accident… Seventeen year old boy commits suicide… Five year old girl dies of being abused by parents… Around nineteen people lose their lives in a recent bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan… Loyal Police officer pays price for hunting down terrorist by being blasted off a bridge… Man commits suicide for not being able to financially support wife and children……Β And don’t even get me started on abortions.

Will it ever end? When will it end? Is there not a brighter tomorrow? I hate Disney for training my mind to believe that there is always a happy ever after. I hate Disney for making me think that life is perfect and has no tragedies… Realisation is tough…

One might try to tell me to look at the positive things in life, but no. No matter how many people got married, no matter how many people got blessed with children and no matter how many people won the lotteries, there are still people who died in vain. The fact does not change no matter how many people smiled today. The fact that someone was so depressed and hopeless as to commit suicide won’t change. The fact that a young girl lost her life and that her parents are still mourning her death won’t change. The fact that a child became an orphan just because his father was loyal won’t change. The fact that nineteen people died in a blast and that nineteen families are mourning the death of their loved ones won’t change… None of it will change. So don’t tell me to turn my back on those tragedies and ignore them. Don’t tell me that those people don’t have a right to be acknowledged. Don’t tell me that I should prefer the positive things over their pain…

Sometimes we shouldn’t always look at the brighter side. Sometimes we need to face the reality of the dull and negative side also. The positive side is just half the truth of what goes on in this world. It is the the dull and negative side that reveals to us the complete truth.

But even when we know the complete truth, there is just frustration. Doesn’t anyone else get tired of hearing the same sickening stories of ignorance?


6 thoughts on “Enough already…

  1. The fact is that when we have too much of something so often, we tend to lose interest in it. Same goes with what’s happening around us. People have become so numb that they just don’t feel the pain but rather these are just stories for them.

    1. I agree with you now that you pointed it out.
      I guess that’s the answer. People are already so tired of hearing these sick stories that they’re numbed of pain.
      Thanks for the response, Azhar πŸ™‚

  2. Well there are two sides of every picture Hiba and there are less people who, while enjoying the better side turns the picture to see the worst side…. You are one of the ones who do that and it means only one fact, that your conscious is still active and the human inside you is alive. People are dead now-a-days….the feelings have lost their meanings and we just turn our eyes around after hearing or watching a news of death….either by a bomb blast or accident or something else. You are right…..I hate disney and other fantasies too but don’t you think, before we could reach the age of realization we should take our time to relax in these fantasy worlds ?
    I feel your pain Hiba and I am afraid I can do nothing to lessen it. We should never ignore the truth..but we can get affected by it positively to take some constructive steps to make at least ourselves a better person. Loved reading your thoughts xx

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