Fantasy worlds…

Here is the last post I had written:

Lala Rukh had replied to me regarding her thoughts and I personally didn’t agree with a small part of her reply. Lala, I’m hoping that it doesn’t offend you to blog my reply to you.

Here is Lala’s comment:

Well there are two sides of every picture Hiba and there are less people who, while enjoying the better side turns the picture to see the worst side…. You are one of the ones who do that and it means only one fact, that your conscious is still active and the human inside you is alive. People are dead now-a-days….the feelings have lost their meanings and we just turn our eyes around after hearing or watching a news of death….either by a bomb blast or accident or something else. You are right…..I hate disney and other fantasies too but don’t you think, before we could reach the age of realization we should take our time to relax in these fantasy worlds ?

I feel your pain Hiba and I am afraid I can do nothing to lessen it. We should never ignore the truth..but we can get affected by it positively to take some constructive steps to make at least ourselves a better person. Loved reading your thoughts xx

Here is what I have to say regarding fantasy worlds:

I agree with all that Lala said ,but  I don’t think fantasies should be enjoyed so much that they hurt too bad when we wake up back into the real world. If there is anything that I hate the most, then it is my own daydreams that I know were just part of some fantasy.

And maybe people turn to fantasies to relieve themselves from the pain that they face in the real world, but it’s still ignorant to do that. Running away from pain and hiding in some dream world is never the permanent cure. If anything, it’s more PAINFUL to detach from the dream world. It becomes like a drug…

Or, maybe I just have some personal beef with fantasies and dream worlds and fairy tales… It hurts to thinks about them now… And enjoying fairy tales at a young age would mean that you would always hold on to those fairy tale-ish meanings of life. It was hard for me to give it up… To realise that I have to stop comparing the real world with fairy tales… That is the thing that angers me most. Maybe I would have been able to cope with the real world and be strong about it, if it hadn’t been for fairy tales.


3 thoughts on “Fantasy worlds…

  1. I understand your thoughts Hiba totally !! And no this is not offensive at all….
    You know I had a friend whose hobby was reading Urdu Novels and she loved the heroes in those stories and happily ever after endings….You know how the heroes are described there, right ? And now when she is in the age of getting married, she expects a same hero for her…She says she won’t live happily ever if she won’t get a husband who is like those perfect heroes.
    I know how these fantasy stories effect our minds….. But Hiba if you have just a little self recognition and realization, you feel good living in these stories.
    I too live in a fantasy world made by myself…A world where I don’t feel pain…Reality s painful and it feels good to pass your life living in a fantasy. You feel pain every time when you realize that reality is different but this pain is not more than the pain of reality itself.
    And lastly, every person passes life according to different circumstances….Different conditions and ponder upon the facts differently, So one person’s experiences and thoughts can’t match with someone other’s.
    I hope you understand now, why did I say that ? 🙂 Love you !

    1. Of course… I had thought of how everyone’s life is a completely different journey and they view the same things in a completely different light, when I had read your comment. And my reply was basically about how I view this topic.
      I’m not so sure if I REALLY understand your view, but I do have a discreet idea.
      It’s nice to know your views 🙂 x

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