Farewell card.



Just finished making a farewell card for my best friend. She’s going to India. 😦



11 thoughts on “Farewell card.

    1. You know, if you’re from Karachi, then maybe I’ll be able to meet you when I come on a visit to PK after Ramadan… How about that?? Then I can bake you cookies and give you a card prettier than this. And if you’re not from Karachi, then….. **Sigh…
      Then maybe I’ll have to make you jealous here on my blog :p

      1. I have to make a sad face and tell you that I am not from Karachi 😦 I am from FAISALABAD 😦 It means I can just get jealous reading about your delecious experiences 😦

    1. Haha! Okay! I can bake you cookies and I can give you gifts and we can go on outtings and we can make Lala jealous together ;p

      1. Wow! That sounds so fun. I’ll finally be able to have a good tour of Karachi.
        Even though, I’m from Pakistan, I’ve never been to the famous sites, you know? I literally beg my mom to take me to the famous places of PK. But we just never get the time…

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