It’s strange…


It’s strange how we can be excused from school or work if we have a physical health problem. ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I got a flu‘, ‘I broke my knee over the weekend‘, ‘I was exhausted from all the football practices‘. But what about the emotional injuries? What about ‘My heart is broken, pleases leave me alone while I cry alone in misery‘? What about ‘I’m upset, I don’t feel like doing anything today‘? What about ‘I’m exhausted. I’m tired of all this drama, so why not give me a break‘?

Sometimes, our emotional injuries are more serious than our physical injuries or health problems or whatever. Sometimes, we need our space to recover from these very serious emotional stresses and certain people should start understanding this…. They need to understand that a miserable heart is more annoying than a flu. They need to know that broken hearts ache more than broken knees. And maybe they need to know that emotional weariness is more exhausting than continuous football practices…

I just wanna be left alone so that I can cry until the tears stop to come. Then I’ll go to sleep until I get better. Is that too mush to ask for?



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