I’m bad with titles but you may take this as me trying to tell you that I still exist.

21st December 2014.

I haven’t blogged in quite a while and I’m not really sure if this is me getting back at it or if it’s just a presentation for you to acknowledge my on going existence. Although, I do know for sure that I’m not going to abandon this blog. I’m too proud of it and I’m too attached to this platform where I get to hear out people from all corners of the world and where even my voice can reach out to people in a few corners of this world.

All this while I didn’t blog because I needed a little break because there had been too much going on and it kept me way too occupied. And when I did find time, I would be too exhausted of any creativity or thoughtfulness to be able to write. All I’d be able to say was this: “I go pakistan come back tired miss sad everyone cry exhausted sleep need study exam result life bad”.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but better to stay off for the while I’m disoriented, right?

Then the remainder of the while when I did get well enough to be able to get back to blogging, life decided to create other problems and got me too busy, trying to face those. I haven’t been able to properly socialize in quite a while, which is now resulting in the overflow of my emotions that I’m so sluggishly trying to control.

I don’t know where to start or what to talk about, although yes, I do have a little something that I wish to share. Let’s just say that although 2014 brought me a lot of joy and a lot of experiences to learn from and so many good and bad memories, it has overall been a terrible year and I would never want to relive it again. And we all know this. Things had been going all wrong since the very beginning of this year. The missing girls of Africa, the ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, the attack in Peshawar, and so much more left that I don’t wish to get into. And then there were also my own personal experiences that have led me to believe that 2014 was an overall bad year.

We’re all wishing for a better 2015 just as we’d wished for a better 2014. But you know where we’re wrong? We’re all just wishing. We’re at the time of the year where people either prepare wish lists for Christmas or a list of resolutions to follow for the next year. And I’ve just now realized that I was quite an idiot to believe that setting up resolutions to follow was pointless. How could it be that? If anything, it’s helpful. It’s way better to trust yourself and set resolutions for you to follow in order to have a better year than to put your trust in a Santa that doesn’t even exist. It’s way more wise to believe that YOU can bring the change than to believe that some non existent organization can.

So this time I’m going to set resolutions that I can follow for a better 2015. I mean you can always try, right?

But I have to say that although I’m classifying 2014 as an overall bad year, it wasn’t entirely bad. There was a lot of good stuff that happened that I wish to cherish. There are also a lot of experiences that cannot be classified as GOOD experiences exactly, but I won’t call them bad either, because in the end I learnt a lot from them. I believe that the only bad experiences are those from which you cease to learn something. And no matter how bad 2014 was, it gave me a lot to learn from and a lot to ponder over for which I’m actually grateful.

And I have to say this. I have missed Lala and Maria THE MOST in the while that I was away. I’m sure that I have a lot to make up for on your blogs for all the posts that I missed. I’m not exactly sure about when I’ll exactly find the time for that, but I do hope that you girls had a great year at least, since I didn’t, and that you have a great time ahead in all the coming years.
Take care šŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “I’m bad with titles but you may take this as me trying to tell you that I still exist.

  1. Hiba is baaaaaack! šŸ˜€
    Thank you, thank you, nice person! I am glad you missed me. :3

    2014 was terrible in a lot of ways. But like you said, it was full of lessons too. It was full of new things–both pathetic and cherishable. And now that it’s over I am actually positive about life again. Like you said, I’ve realized too that it’s not a bad idea to make and keep resolutions after all.
    2015 IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! For you and me, and all of us. ^-^ [Insha’ Allah]

    Do keep posting, okay? All the best for everything. ā¤

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