Things I’ve realized in 2014

1. God has His own way of guiding us.

2. Home brewed herbal tea is the best solution for terrible flu. It works like magic.

3. Pakistan feels beautiful at night because of how dark and quiet it gets, where people actually switch off their lights and go to sleep and there is not a single car out at night.

4. Facebook is the name of trouble.

5. Some people never change.

6. Some change, but you never even realize.

7. NIGHT CHANGES is a beautiful beautiful and simply oh so beautiful song.

8. Arguments and debates are different and here is how. Arguments are unhealthy because in those, we’re just trying to cancel each other’s opinion out. Debates though, are healthy because then we are giving each opinion the equal chance to be explained and then we contradict it by fair means to come at conclusions. Arguments never lead to conclusions because if everyone keeps canceling each other’s opinion out, what are we going to be left with?

9. Media is just trying to trash our brains. I mean I hate how our Pakistani media is promoting so much of filth and confusion.

10. Asking is not always helpful, especially when you can do it yourself.

11. Some things are just fate and need no further explanation.

12. Moisturizers are a necessity in places like Kuwait.

13. Being deprived of privileges makes us stronger emotionally.

14. Your own instincts are your best weapon and your desires are your worst.

15. Regret and guilt are two separate things.

16. And here’s something I haven’t figured out yet. We meet different people in life and a lot of times they try to make us see something we are unable to see. They try to guide us, but it never works and so they leave until this one person comes along who is more convicting and has a better appeal. So this person sows seeds in your heart, and waters them everyday unlike the others that never bothered to water the seeds they were trying to sow, and gradually the seeds grow into a small sapling and keep growing and blossoming with flowers and fruits. But the sad part is that the person that sows them doesn’t always remain. The person leaves when the plant becomes self sustaining, but I hope that person will come back to get the fruits, because who else did the person want the plant for…?
And I’m guessing that’s life. The people who do the most for you get lost somewhere behind after motivating you to go ahead in life…..
Hey you know what? I think I get it. Here’s a picture of life. So this person who sowed the seeds and raised the plant and disappeared somewhere in the midst of it, he urged us forward and ahead in life… and the fruits? We, like the stupid humans we are, will share them with people who least deserve it. Or at least that’s how it usually is. There are people who literally build us and give us strength and teach us to love life and in return we step right over them and share our strength and love with people who didn’t invest as much as an ounce in us. So even though the fruit bearing plant was an investment of someone else’s time and energy, I’m going to be sharing the fruits with someone else?
Gawd, no! I don’t wanna do that. But the person who sowed the seeds and watered them is gone… I’m not saying that the fruits are ready yet, but what when they will be? I hope that person comes to get the fruits….
And even in this confused state, I’m still aware though, about what I said earlier. And I really am guessing that this is what you call life. The best people are always left somewhere behind after teaching you to move ahead.

17. Experiences serve no other purpose than to be learnt from.

18. Pencils and fountain pens are the best.

19. I’m a pathetic writer.

20. Life is exhausting.

21. I’m tired.

– Hiba


7 thoughts on “Things I’ve realized in 2014

  1. Oh my darling, good to see you writing once again. Your facts, emm where should I start. I guess life experiences have turned you into a philosophical kind of thing 😛 Agree to most of your points, disagree to only one. The number 19 ! And you know that too, it isn’t right. I really hope after reading 16 that your wait finally gets over… I feel for you. Much love to you. A very happy new year !

  2. Haha, its nice to hear from you again 🙂
    And well about being philisophical, i’m not so sure. I’m just an idiot thats trying to get through life…
    And no I seriously feel sometimes that I’m pathetic overall, lol. Its just my way of loving myself, if that makes sense :p
    Take care 🙂

  3. Oh! So good to be here after a long time… always it was good hiba 🙂
    well 2014 wasn’t a slow one…..keep in touch :-*

    1. Ah yes… I’m trying to find myself some motivation to write. Currently though I’m invested in Ramadan 🙂

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