There’s only one rule.

People are always big enough to take care of themselves, and yet we tell them to take care. People are always big enough to make their own decisions, and yet we impose our decisions on them. People are always big enough to live a life of peace and yet we turn their lives into hell.

And most of these things are horrible to do, and yet they are done out of love.

Love can be blind in a lot of contexts, but it is most blind in this one. ‘Cause in loving people, we often become too blind to ever notice that we are harming them. We become too blind to see that we are destroying them with our habit of judging every choice they make. We care about them so much that in loving them, we begin imprisoning them.

Love shouldn’t be blind in a lot of contexts, but it shouldn’t be blind most in this one.

Even though technically you should make sure that you don’t harm yourself. Sometimes love is blind in the context of harming yourself; being blind to the painful and unhealthy compromises that you are making… But that’s the thing about love, you see. You don’t put yourself first.

It isn’t about you.

It’s about them. In love, all you care about is them. And if you end up harming them, that’s the bigger loss. That’s the one rule about love. You never harm the person you love, and yet in loving people, we end up harming them the most. And when this rule breaks, you lose at love and you lose at yourself.

Love isn’t supposed to be blind.

It is, but it isn’t supposed to be.

– Hiba.


12 thoughts on “There’s only one rule.

      1. I wasn’t in love. I was in friendship. And sadly my friend didn’t understand my reasons. Instead my friend accused me of being a bad friend.

      2. Doesn’t change anything. Hearts cannot be mended.
        Those two idiots can leave em broken. I’ll be fine with that.

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