Waking in the middle of the night,

Screaming, sweating,

Thrashing at the covers away.

Breathing hard, sighing, trying,

In and out,

It’s just a dream again,

Checking the time, stressing, crying, 

Afraid of sleeping,

My fears ablaze.

The stars outside climbing higher, 

Dimmer, brighter, 

As I reach nearer to day.

Disturbed, afraid, I’m trying harder,

To fall asleep,

As I see the sun rays.

Scared and tired,

I resign to fate,

As I hit the pillow and dream the same dream again.

– Hiba // Hush.


2 thoughts on “‘Night.

    1. Yeah… I had a dream about a month ago. I woke up at around 5 in the morning and afraid of falling asleep again because it was a terrible dream.
      And it was so disturbing that I kept thinking about it until I came to realize about the certainty of death.
      Long story short, I saw one of the best people in my life die…
      And even though she’s still alive I like to say this every this every time I think of death. It’s the realist thing about life:
      Innallahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.
      “Certainly and no doubt about it we belong to Allah and certainly, no doubt about it, to Him
      We shall return.”
      I’ve come to adore this phrase. It has comfort in it, and the truth and a warning too.
      Strange topic though… I think it’s sad that we don’t discuss death enough. People think it’s a depressing topic. I just think it’s a very inevitably real topic.

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