Incomplete rant upon reflection of my life’s recent occurrences. 

Sorry for such a terrible title…

There are a lot of things I’ve realized recently, but the ultimate realization is this:

The existence of humankind on this planet is incredibly disappointing and the biggest tragedy of all time.

We’re the core of all tragedies…

Poverty, lack of humanity, injustice, war, corruption etc. etc. …

What we go through and what we put others through… it’s tragic the amount of stress and frustration it causes in all of us. And it’s even more tragic how helpless it makes us.

So instead of doing something, I sit and soak coffee in my veins and write about this awful phenomenon known as Tragedy.

I think the best I’ve been able to do in order to get rid of this stress is drown my self in music and late night musings about life that hardly make any sense when I reflect upon them in the wake of morning. And then I feel blank the entire day as I obsessively bury myself under a large amount of voluminous books and rush through them without giving them an ounce of thought. Just getting busy with things that don’t really matter.

‘Cause I think if I do speak or think too much about relevant tragedies in my life, I’m afraid I’ll lose my self to the rage that fills me every time I realize how freakin’ much I hate rich people and their ugly culture. (I call it the Rich Culture). The upperclass has contributed to the worst kinds of injustices in our society and sorry but I’m not sorry for my bluntness. Their ability to buy faulty substitutes for what is right and wrong sickens me.

And now I feel my temper rising and I’m sorry but I’m going to halt talking about this. Maybe one day I’ll speak about it, you know, when I learn to put my rage and hate into coherent speech and when I learn to tame my emotions enough to be able to convey a brief explanation behind my high rising emotions and frustrations.

Right now though, I’ll continue reading books in a blank haze. I’ll continue drowning my self  in Melanie Martinez  and Passenger and Troye Sivan music at night and I’ll continue numbing my self to my rage every time I face these tragic injustices that are being put my way by this ugly phenomenon called rich people.

P.S. : If you’re rich and appoint maids to take care of your kids while you go out shopping or partying all the time thinking that your maid is going to fulfill a mother’s duty and teach your kids the difference between right and wrong, I and many other sensible people like me HATE YOU from the core of our existence. Have a nice day. Thank you. 

– Hiba.


17 thoughts on “Incomplete rant upon reflection of my life’s recent occurrences. 

      1. Ha! My friends say the same to me. Except for my one best friend that actually introduced Melanie martinez to me. Her taste is exactly like mine. 😊

      2. You have some one atleast with the same music taste. My friends get a headache when my playlist is playing :p

  1. You’re right. I do realize that getting stressed over such things spreads a lot of negativity in our lives as well as the lives of the people around us.
    But God sometimes a rant can help. 😉

      1. I just heard the silver lining and stay gold. And yeah THNK YOU! Beautiful songs.
        I can literally imagine telling my friend about these songs.
        I guess I’ve found another person with a similar taste in music as me 😉
        Haha, bless you. Downloading all the songs I can lay my hands on, yes! 😀

      2. Haha
        Download their two albums and relax your mind 🙂
        You needed sth like that after i read ur post :p i hope she will like them too… And these are first of many to come 🙂

      3. Haha, you’re right. I need music. And wow keep it slow. Let me first get over these first two entire albums. 😅

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