Their hearts break all the time.

They smile their most artificial smiles.

“How are you?” They say “I’m fine”.

And their whole life is filled with such lies.

Living a true life becomes a crime.

Too many people judging their lives.

So they suffocate under the burden of their own smiles,

Because freedom, people say, is not exactly right.

So they live imprisoned too afraid to try,

of being judged for living a sinful life.

And hence they wait for the day they die,

For death to liberate them at last in time.

– Hiba


19 thoughts on “Liberate.

    1. Aray bisti to na kro :p i liked the idea of the poem its just I just see beautiful things associated with you. Death is beautiful too in its own self though. I would love to talk about death tbh.

      1. Sorry, didn’t mean to bezat you, lol. I just find it frustrating that people don’t think about death that often. I think the thought of death helps us put things into perspective.
        But yeah I can be very blunt in my honestly, it sometimes comes off as very harsh. My mom says “Sweetheart, it’s called RUDE.”
        Lol 🙂

      2. No one is rude when saying something true. I adore this freeness in u. One should not zip his lips just because other people dont like the topic. 🙂

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