It rained and I caught the rainbow in it’s dying moments. I saw the whole thing but somewhere between getting the phone out and my excitement, it got covered up by the clouds .-.

This was the first time I saw a rainbow in my life, okay? Don’t judge me. .-. 


22 thoughts on “Finally! 

  1. Wow, that’s really pretty. We had one here a little while ago and almost wrecked trying to get a picture of it. Hope you were safer than me 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks. 🙂
      It’s been raining here almost every day now which is actually such a beautiful thing because we were stuck all year with 50 to 60 degrees of heat.
      The breeze and the the rains are a rare thing in Kuwait. I feel elated :3

  2. Come to our city and u will see them every once a week 🙂
    This is a nice shot though. Your camera is good 😀
    Thanks for sharing….

    1. Never knew apple makes that good camera tbh. I had an ipod and it wasnt a good capturer.
      My city is Abbottabad. You might not have heard about it though :p

      1. No the iPhone camera’s actually good. But I prefer android over all. Apples too basic with its software.

      2. Apple is basic? Its the most complex. I like android but apple is something else. I miss garageband though. Making music was fun then.

      3. You have not jailbreaked your ios device i guess. Once you do that you will get to know what really apple is!
        But yeah note 4 is beauty…. you shouldn’t have mentioned that. I can’t sleep now…. lol kidding.

      4. Oh my! You are doing your life so wrong Hiba. But wait you might have heard this before 😀
        Android is for easy users (i am using it for a year tho) i hate android for not having an app like garageband. But yeah overall its better to have android than IOS.

      5. Wow, honestly, I think YOU are doing your life wrong but let’s drop it. It’s a never ending debate and too many people have wasted away before it. Lmao :’)

      6. Great! This is an official invitation for you to come visit our city whenever you come to Pakistan. Be my guest… you will love my sisters they are really talkative like u 😀

      7. Really? I’d love to meet your sisters. 🙂
        Not you :p
        But I usually visit Karachi and remain stuck over there. The only places I’ve visited are Haidri and Tariq road with my mum and I hated it. Shopping over there is so exhausting…
        But yeah, I’ve been begging my parents since the past 5 years to take me to some good beautiful places of Pakistan. I’ve not even been to the most basic Murree 😦

      8. Murree is nothing compared to our city. Our city is more planned and beautiful tbvh. And yeah i hate you for the second line of your reply -,-
        I hate karachi. It is the worst city out there. (No offense)

      9. I won’t take offense, but politically any karachiite will. People struggle over there a lot. Hating on it only worsens the situation.
        I have no idea. I’d seen pictures of Murree when my aunt visited with last year and they were so beautiful *_*
        But idk, you must know more about Pakistan. 🙂

      10. I dont hate the people there lol
        Just the place :p murree is lovely yeah no doubt. I will send you some of the pics of our city once i have them lol

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