Be well.

Javeriya, I’m tired and I miss you terribly.

Back then I had that dream and I hadn’t known what it meant. But I guess now I do.

You’re just as dead and unreachable to me as you were in that dream. I guess I was subconsciously aware and very afraid that this would happen. I have hardly any updates from you and I’m panicking just as much as I was panicking in that dream. I feel like screaming your name just as I had screamt it on the phone when I’d heard the loud honking from a car and the screech of breaks and a terrible crash and the sound of glass shattering and tinkling on the ground, and then drop dead silence and your absence. You were gone.

I feel like that now. The place you’re in right now, I hate it. No bloody wifi?! My messages won’t even deliver! That’s how unreachable you are to me. The same as you were in that dream. You couldn’t hear me. You weren’t there.

I wanna hear you! Tell me I’m fulla shit. Tell me I’m a sappy gooey idiot at times. Tell me about your latest discoveries about why men are a-holes. But God, call!

I miss you. I hope you’re well.

If you happen to die somewhere in between of this crap, I’ll keep my promise and play Highway To Hell on your funeral.

You have my word.

– Hiba.


11 thoughts on “Be well.

    1. Yeah we had a deal, my friend and I, whichever of us dies first, the one alive will play highway to hell on the dead ones funeral.

  1. You’re full shit AND you’re a sappy gooey idiot.
    Also, I have found out that in Pakistan, men like to stare at women more if they wear an abaya and they look at me like I’m a very fresh, sauced chicken lollipop and they haven’t eaten for days. Gosh, men are a-holes. And I’m not dead yet. Hopefully not soon. Hopefully not before we get that apartment in NYC or Canada and design it as we wish. Hopefully not before I try each one of your baked goodies. Hopefully not before I become a good enough Muslimah. And hopefully NOT before I get to celebrate even one of your birthdays with you by surprising you. So pray that I live long. And wow, was that dream an eventful one. Just like the taste of pepperoni pizza (if you know what I mean 😉
    I miss you very much. I miss you terribly. I miss the debates we had at 1 am. I miss our future plannings of our not so gay wedding. I miss my math class with you as my teacher. I miss our academy days. I miss it all and I miss you most of all. I wish I wasn’t so far away but in order to achieve things in life we have to sacrifice a few times. So just pray that I get back soon. And that I get waht I want. Remember me in your prayers because that would be a great thing. To be remembered in someone’s prayers. I remember you in my prayers too. I wish the best for you. I pray that you stay happy. Be strong. Stand your ground. Face it like a woman! And In sha Allah everything will be fine. But most importantly, keep praying.
    Love you xxx
    Yours truly,

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