Vacant homes.

This house now vacant,
Empty and silent.
Except for ghostly infestations,
And haunting memories of its inhabitants.
Echoes of noisy bickerings,
And screeches of laughter still lingering.

Silent footsteps still echoing,
And eerie silence following.
And whispered conversations,
And hushing sounds of secret discussions.
And blurred outlines of people,
Walking in and out the doors hanging on their hinges.

And the sound of water dripping,
Carpets dampened with fleece and moss infesting.
Dead, musty air, an echo of life once held inside.
Dead and withering plants outside,
Unwatered, and wilted dry.

Windows covered in decades worth of grime,
Dead moth eaten curtains hanging since their early times,
Once fancy wooden furniture, now home to termites.
Plush old sofas covered in layers of dust and dead mice.
And except for a few spiders and lizards, there is no sign of life.
Forever held in darkness, not a ray of light reaches inside,
Surrounded by tall forest trees, blocking any view of sunrise.

They asked me of tragic, depressing truths of life,
I thought melancholic abandoned homes would suffice.



20 thoughts on “Vacant homes.

  1. What more secrets are you holding
    or have you forgotten over time
    the words vaguely carved
    into your rotting body
    creaking with pain
    you suffer
    and cry
    no longer of use
    waiting to become
    your very own grave stone.

    It reminded me of a picture of an old barn that inspired me.

    Loved the read. It is so fantastic to write about something so mysterious.

      1. It is part of what I remembered from my own piece on that old barn. Plus something new or different. It has been a while..

        Just that old buildings just have something beautiful inside their ugly.

  2. Hi ^-^ Great poem!
    To be honest your whole poem described everything with such detail you didn’t even have to post that picture. 😛 I am serious the description was great plus there was great flow.

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