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Smiling at others is very easy, you know?
It’s smiling at myself that I find rather hard.



44 thoughts on “Ease.

      1. I’m not sensitive, I’m a human with human feelings. Black people are still dying at the hands of white cops due to racism. The least we could do is stop using such offensive terms and have knowledge of their race and respect it for what it is.

      1. email your password and I’ll make you an account within the next two days and will have you following all the right blogs 😀

      2. Hah, no I’m sorta busy right now and I’m not sure if I’ll be that free tomorrow… I’ll try to do it by tomorrow but still just in case, my dealine is of two days 😛

      3. I figured I have time so I can make you an account but apparently you haven’t emailed your password yet.
        Cause right now is the perfect time. Missouri is a trending topic right now.

      4. A place apparently. Black students over are being threatened at their colleges. Simply cause they’re black :/

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