Lost Words.



You’re in the songs that I listen to
In the beats of the rhythm that my heart dances to.

And in the thought of stars
That twinkle at night through the distance
No matter they can’t be held close to my existence.

And in the thought of overwhelming miracles
Those that I probably didn’t deserve.

And in the drops of coffee that stain my dress,
A stain forever that loses its aromatic scent
Even in its permanence.

And in the lies that I tell myself
Of how insignificant your absence is.

And the tears that still escape my eyes,
And hit the pillow when I lie down at night.

And in the loss of words that I feel
As I leave this poem incomplete.

 – Hiba


15 thoughts on “Lost Words.

  1. Powerful poem Hiba. Sometimes words aren’t enough to express some things, especially those related to feelings and emotions.

    Loss is harder to express because it’s so personal in nature. You are right when you talk about the lies about the insignificance of someone’s absence. That is exactly how we console ourselves.

    1. I’m glad you reflected over it, Ershad, you’re probably the only one that discusses the content of my posts with me instead of just complimenting. 🙂
      And yes, this happens with me a lot. Half the time I write things that are personal, I just lose words and leave it incomplete. Words simply don’t suffice…
      And yes, the human brain works in strange ways too. It goes to any lengths to make us comfortable. Pity, it hardly ever works.

      1. Well, your content is always thought-provoking. Besides, I am of the school of thought that believes content is more important than style.
        Yeah, well we can only try out various ways to cope with losses. Otherwise, they will consume us.

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