So I went to JC today and because the staff over there is amazing and because they love to plant flowers every winter and because I love them so much, I’m really happy!

I mean come on. I live in Kuwait. Flowers are a rare thing over here. Unless it’s winter and someone takes the time to plant the seeds and watch ’em grow and take care of ’em, but everyone is usually to busy to ever bother 😦

But look at these, SubhanAllah! So beautiful! 😀


































P.S. The last one is my favorite :))

– Hiba




35 thoughts on “Flowers!

  1. JC?
    Lovely pictures of those beautiful flowers.All these different shades an dtypes of flowers make me smile.SubhanAllah.Allah made all of them so different,the colour,texture and smell. ^-^
    Even in my area there are alot of flowers in this time of the year. 😀 They all look fresh and happy.I admire them all.
    I think my fav would be the ones in the 12th picture.

    1. Wow, you counted?
      Lol, I just had to count in order to see which one you were referring to :p
      I like that pic too. Those white flowers were so elegant! :))

  2. Damn that photography!
    Ma’m, put your watermark on every photo. Cyber thieves aren’t having mercy on instagram stuff, ye tou phir website hai. Own your stuff before you regret not owning it. 🙂

    1. Lol, I don’t think I’d mind if someone stole it.
      Life’s short and I ain’t spending it in getting mad at people who stole my pics cause they thought they were amazing :p
      Thanks though 😊

    1. It isn’t custom. It snows on the entire blog if you enable the option. It’s somewhere in settings via your admin wp. I’d enabled it in 2013 I think. It snows in December to Jan I guess?

    1. Of course they have names but I don’t have much knowledge of flowers since I rarely come across any. But there’s the Marigold in one pic. That complete yellow one next to the white ones in one of the pictures. I know that one ’cause my dad had planted that one last year. Then it died due to the heat. .-.

      1. Oh yes, I know the marigold haha. And I can recognise sunflowers (I know how lame). Your case is understandable. Yahaan toh flowers hi flowers hain. But I still don’t know their names -_-

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