A moment of silence for the Kuwaiti Autumn.

So I was browsing my old pictures when I came across these. Now just yesterday, I had a conversation with a fellow blogger about how Kuwait hardly experiences Fall. So when I did come across this picture, I sort of laughed. ‘Cause this picture was taken in June, last year a few days before my birthday (yeah I just had to make the reference 🙄 ) And mind you, it was HOT. This wasn’t Autumn. This was the harsh Summers of Kuwait that burnt the tomato plant that my dad had planted in the balcony in Winter. 🙄
So I guess there you’ve got the Kuwaiti Fall. It comes with the terrible heat of Summers XD
Hahaha! :’)
@my blogger friend: accidentallyinked



Also, there were these amazing pictures of this bird that I’d taken on the same day. She’d decided to make home on top of our cupboard in the balcony 🙂
She’d even lain eggs but she flew away and I don’t know maybe some cat ate her or something, ’cause she never returned. And this happens a lot around here. Stray cats end up eating all the little birds 😦
So the eggs went hollow inside. My dad discovered that just a few months ago when he was cleaning the balcony. He brought those eggs inside. They were so tiny!






And this one got blurred but it still looks good 🙂






And this is when I zoomed in on the bird but right in that moment she decided to take flight, and I swear I went through a whole moment of agony as I realized that if I hadn’t zoomed, I’d have caught the whole bird taking flight! 😡



Okay end of picnic! Goodbye y’all 😛


– Hiba




45 thoughts on “A moment of silence for the Kuwaiti Autumn.

    1. How come I never saw your comment before?? I’d been waiting for it and here it was… waiting for ME… .-.
      Ha Ha Ha, very funny.
      XD :’)
      Yeah, I know right. HOW? Such a great photographer, aren’t I? 😛

      1. Haha, yeah. I wanted to zoom on the bird while she was sitting but then right as I clicked she decided that she wanted to fly 😦 So the pic got a but messed up 😛

    1. Do you? I honestly don’t know where you heard that…
      It’s very commercial, yes. So it’s got those big cities and all…
      The only beauty I personally find is in the peace that’s there in society.
      People are very nice and helpful.
      I love the neighborhood. And it’s not like the rest of gulf countries where there’s no freedom of speech.
      So in that way, I really love Kuwait.
      But there aren’t many environmental greeneries in Kuwait.
      The government’s planted a lot of green trees around the highways and streets though.

      1. Ooh the masjids… I mean the mosques are all very beautifully built.
        They’re all very extravagant in the outside as well as the inside.
        Those places really are beautiful, Haha.
        Especially the interiors. Like there the Kabeer Mosque which is one of the biggest mosques in Kuwait and it’s really beautiful especially on the inside.

        That’s the interior of Masjid Al Kabeer.
        It’s beautiful.
        In fact it’s very distracting too when we pray.
        Originally in Islam, the Prophet recommended to not decorate the place of worship so much that it distracts people while they pray.
        But rich countries have rich and fancy mosques :/
        Those mosques attract tourists a lot 🙂

  1. Lovely blog you have here. And we don’t get much of a fall in Brazil either. At least in the part of Brazil I’m in. I’m originally from Canada and there is definitely a fall there.
    Lovely bird pictures. I really like that one with just the one wing.

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