Run from the worries. From the tragedies. From the melancholies of vacant souls and empty homes. From your secretly damaged egos. From unloving, betraying selves. From dark desolate nights. From aching melancholic sighs. From haunting dreams and nightmares. And possessing demons and devils in your head. From your empty and starless skies. From the thundering rage of your lying desires.  From the poisonous hate and loathing as it brews in your shattered broken heart. From the choking suffocating smoke of your own envy as it sets you on fire. From the wickedness in your smile as it turns you into stone inside.


Run from yourself. Your dreams. Nightmares. Love. Heartbreaks. Your pain. Your hate. Your own desperate desolate sighs. Your own broken ego as it survives. Run from yourself, love…




– Hiba


15 thoughts on “Run

  1. My poem a new sun is sth like this one 🙂
    There will be a lot of peace if we make this run somehow.
    And run from the demons inside us.

  2. You’ve painted two sides of the picture together it seems. Running away from dreams so as to escape nightmares. Running away from love so as to escape heartbreak. Running away from life so as to escape life itself.

    This is so thought provoking Hiba. Brilliant.

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