hello wolf

Hello from the other side.

A side where it’s forever dark.

From the inside.

Of my mind.

Hello from the ugly workings that take place a night.

All my disgusting crimes.

All by broken cries.

All my empty skies.

All my starless nights.

And my damaged soul.

My internal debates and fights.

Hello from the inside

From my silent vacant eyes.

From hollowed out smiles.

From my own haunted mind.


From the other side.

You should leave.

You might not survive.

Not with all that life…



You’ll be too drained to wanna stay alive.


You won’t survive.

I’m letting you out.

Run and never turn around.

I might let my monsters out.

They will chase you, but you don’t turn around.

It was nice to have you around.


But Hello,

I hope you’ll make it out alive.

Now go.

You don’t have much time.

Not anymore.

 – Hiba


22 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Another Beautiful poem ! it is beautiful description of the struggle between us and our thoughts , how the evil chase us, how we get tired ..I wish it leave us forever and never return to us 🙂

  2. hello
    who are you again
    you look the same
    in a different light
    hello again
    its me
    don’t remember
    seeing you before
    are you me
    or the one i love
    hide behind me
    to slay the you
    that isn’t me
    Who am i again.

    Or so i kept reading.
    Strong and great write

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