Love is what gets you killed

And cremated



Like ashes

How will you gather yourself now?

How will you hold yourself in place?

How will you heal the blisters on your heart?

Or the bruises on your face?

Or your soul as it cries…

Of its grace that has been misplaced.

And of the love

That it yearns

The one that it has been denied…

How will you silence it?

Quieten it?

And the promised future that has been ripped away?

How will you brighten it?

Love will make you fly

Either like an eagle across the sky

Or like the cremated ashes of your heart while it beats still. Alive.

 – Hiba


25 thoughts on “Cremated

  1. Wow, Hiba. That really struck a chord. The last three lines really encompasses the dichotomy of the concept of love.
    But I’ve heard people say that love is a mistake worth making.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Haha yes, they say so. But of all mistakes, love is probably the only one that teaches you nothing in return. Hence people learn to never give it a shot again. It just leaves you empty and blank 😛
      Try it if you want 😛

      1. I think the argument they forward is that even short moments of “eagle’s flight” compensates for a lifetime of “living ashes.” It hurts no doubt, but who said life doesn’t hurt those who don’t love?

        Anyway, that’s just me going off in tangents. Thanks for the warning haha.

      2. You’re right actually.
        The pain is worth more than a lifetime of “living ashes”.
        But it’s all a very long philosophy though.

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