I was a horrible person
You were too
I made mistakes
You broke your promises too

And though it all fell apart, it still somewhat remained
You kept me a secret, never mentioned my name
Not to a soul
This one promise you never broke

And I held on too
To this one promise that left us pure
The one only cure
That could heal
The scars that continued to still bleed

And then last night you made a friend
And you mentioned me,
The girl that broke your heart to ten
And I wouldn’t have minded
As long as you still cared
Of the one promise you were keeping
Not mentioning my name

But then you told her who I was
And you discussed me while I was not there
And you two sat together. And laughed
Oh what a time you had
I can imagine the fun

Everything that we had left
Now finally came undone.

 – Hiba


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