My Demons Talking

“Remember when you dreamt of being successful?



But instead you ended up with mental disorders?

Unable to get your shit together?


Way to live a dream, huh?

But congratulations.

You’ve just entered what is called reality.

Ever heard of it before?

It’s that thing that slaps you in the face…

And then wonders why you’re mad…

Welcome to reality, my love.

We call it Life.”

 – Hiba


20 thoughts on “My Demons Talking

  1. Turns out mine story. Same really. Though i still haven’t given up. I guess i am too stubborn. Everything in this post is relatable. Really honest poem.

    Plus i might upload an english poem really soon. A bit different tho.

      1. Actually I was writing at that time during odd hours, like 5 in the morning. I have my writings here, they might be depressing but they helped a bit.
        Life is better now and I have worked hard for the same.
        I’d like to tell you one thing- that it all gets better. It always does. 🙂

  2. The dreams and reality are a contrast,Reality or life is harsh while dreams are soft and comfy 🙂 Some Dreams become Reality too with Allah’s will and your efforts, but then you realize there is always difference between a dreamt dream and a lived dream 🙂 because life is a constant struggle , dream happen or do not happen in between, but it goes on 🙂 so wait till Allah wills for your dreams and don’t forget to write about it 🙂

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