I’m stuck

On the images of silent empty nights

And coffee shops whose aroma entice

Every lonely soul by night

And I step in too

And sit by the glass window

Staring out at the fog or ice

I don’t know

I’m lost in thought

And gone

Gazing out

Into the snowy streets or fog

And I don’t like

That it’s cold

The world

The streets

His mind

My dreams

They blister the ends

And beginnings of my soul

I don’t like the cold

So I order a mug of steaming hot coffee

And burn my mouth

Like I always do

And turn around to the sounds I hear

They’re talking


In silent voices

Exchanging dangerous secrets

I don’t like it

So instead I turn back to the window

Listen instead to my demons

And ghosts

And for once they are silent



They like the cold

The quiet

The icy blistering of my soul

For once they’re satisfied

By the atmosphere of this dangerous night

They’re wishful

But silent

They don’t need to work

To upset me this time

The world does it on its own

For once this time

The world leaves me alone

With nothing to destroy or even flourish my soul.

It leaves me empty

While icy sheets of silence knock at my door.

And the quiet itself is enough

To bring my dead back to the shore

And finish all things that I’ve ever known

As they now begin to poison my soul.

 – Hiba // I mean I’m not even trying…


32 thoughts on “Silent

      1. I’ve got insta. But I’m there simply cause my friends forced me. I havent even uploaded a single pic XD
        I’ll follow you in a while. My webpage link will be in the bio so you’ll know it’s me.
        I’m not putting my insta username out publicly 😛

      2. Ah well, we can DM on there! I don’t have a personal Twitter or anything so it’s all I got!
        Oh okay cool! I’ll add you as soon as I see it! I get weird requests already so I’m not too worries about it being on the interwebs 😛

      3. Same.
        I hardly use any other social media outlet.
        I deactivated my facebook too, so yeah.
        That’s why my friends “forced” me to be there for them on insta at least 😛
        They just keep me for my sarcastic comments XD

      4. Oooh, i know the feeling! Or to get tagged in random pictures like ‘THIS IS SO YOU’ and you just cringe about it hahah 😛 Sure, you gotta waste time SOMEWAY!

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