I made two new, most beautiful friends today ^_^

This parrot! ❤
I swear he’s so lovely, he loves when you rub the back of his head and neck ^_^

Look so beautiful:


I even had him sit on my arm 😀 ❤


And oh, my other friend:


This lovely, playful monkey, I swear it’s so adorable! ^_^
I had him hugging me when I held him XD 😀

And he’s so playful, he kept teasing and pulling the tail of it’s guardian bulldog! 😀 😛 ^_^

I had an amazing day today. I cannot put it into words.


And this sunset:

An amazing day spent with my best friend at the desert farm house among the cutest, most adorable animals.

There were swans, and ducks, and ostriches and the ostrich was pecking my friend’s head 🙄

But today was fun 😀

– Hiba



12 thoughts on “I made two new, most beautiful friends today ^_^

    1. Oh the monkey was grey. But he looked white in the sunlight.
      I’ll upload swans. They weren’t all that photogenic in that artificial pond 😬
      And I just loved loved loved the parrot. I sort of felt sorry for him. He was tired but the kids kept troubling him and forcing him to sit on their arm 😣

      1. Haha XD okay.
        Oh :/ alright.
        That’s annoying! You know once I went to the zoo and these kids were bringing a small cat in front of the dog cage! 😦 I was so scared but when my Aunty gave those kids a long lecture they ran away. :3

    1. I know right! Animals are so furry and cute 💕✨✨
      And oh yes the deserts are usually more breezy and green than the city areas. No buildings to resist and divide the breeze ☺️
      So you’ve got people harvesting over there and it’s the perfect environment for the animals.

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