A few more

And there were swans and peacocks too. 🙂
And ducks 🙂











Yeah, I’d been trying to zoom in on it’s pretty feathers.
Me and my friend tried sprinkling water on the birds in hopes of seeing them expand their feathers, but hah, who were we kidding? 🙄

We had fun nonetheless. 🙂

– Hiba


25 thoughts on “A few more

  1. The third pic for me too.👌
    And the water feels live an olive. Great capture.
    P.S.- ducks here in India are so dirty in comparison to these. Yukk.

    1. 😀
      I’ve got a Sony DSC-H200
      It’s a good camera. Close to DSLR except it’s not. Can’t change the lenses and all. But I love it still 😎

      1. Dude, my camera is also a bridge camera! It does what an DSLR can minus lenses, I was actually going to buy that! I settled on my Canon Powershot though ❤ There is a lot of blessing in a great camera, hai na!

      2. Yeah, but it’s suuuuuuuuper expensive! Sony do amazing cameras, their smartphone cameras are something else!

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