They deserve more


Remember those days?

Where running aimlessly into walls was okay?

When hitting the ground and scraping your knees was no big deal?

When wearing your shoes wrong was just another casual thing?

When asking your mom to break all pieces of bread for you was alright?

I will tell you something about that time.

At that time,
the only person I could cry to
was my mom.

By choice.

And the difference between yesterday and today
is that now I cry to her only when I’ve got no other choice.

That’s called growing up
That’s called leaving your parents behind
That’s called getting independent

And that’s also called robbing them of their rights.

Cry to them.
Talk to them about everything.
Everything that disturbs you.

Their sole reason to live is you.

Give them the peace they find when you talk to them.
They’ve made too many sacrifices
And all they asked for in return is your sincere attention and honesty

Love them and cry to them about your mistakes and your depression over how cruel the world is.
They’re the only ones that will listen to you and cry with you for all the struggles you’ve been putting up just in order to survive.

You’re more valuable to them than you are to yourself.

Give them the bits of you they deserve

And kill your ego for the sake of them

The only people who are worth killing you own ego and your own “self respect” are your parents

They’re the only people that deserve it.

Let them win the argument

It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong
What matters is that they deserve that you give up a small argument for them.
Don’t let an argument control your relationship with them.
Let ’em have victory in that one argument.
They already lost way too much in keeping you alive and satisfied.

They lost their investments and savings and their youth and health.

They invested it all in you.

The least you can do is let ’em win an argument.

They’ve dedicated their lives to fulfilling your dreams and keeping you satisfied.

They’ve kept your most horrifying secrets.

The  speak a billion boasting words about how incredible you are in everything you do.
Even when you’re not

Give them the love they deserve.

They deserve more than just “yes mom” and “alright mom”
“kay, I’ll do it mom” and “whatever dad”.

They deserve more than that.

Way more.

Do them justice and give them more.

 – Hiba


38 thoughts on “They deserve more

  1. Wow Hiba that was beautiful! I almost would’ve cried if I was the emotionally expressive type. God, I wish we were better for our parents. Sometimes I go into my room and feel like slapping myself like, I can’t disappoint them. Not my parents. They’re the only people I can trust absolutely and count on! May Allah make it easier for us.

    1. Yeah… I think realizing their worth is not the difficult task. It’s actually acting on that realization and devoting your time and energy which is more difficult.
      People let their ego control their relationships and that’s the worst way to pay back your parents.
      May Allah guide us.

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  3. it is a beautiful post Hiba, our mothers do deserve much more , my mother has anxiety and stress problems so I prefer not to tell her my problems so keeping them to myself is another aspect of growing up , she appreciates my listening ear to her problems 🙂

  4. This is like the wisest post I’ve ever read. People need such kind of reminders, it’s a beautiful reminder. Proud of you hibz<3

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