My brother installed some game day before yesterday on my laptop which had some virus in it. First I was being bombarded with Wooden Seal ads. on Google Chrome and then Chrome stopped functioning altogether. It won’t even open anymore. 

So now I’m updating you guys via mobile application. 

I need to install a software that would rid me of the shitty ads. but I can’t cause chrome won’t even open. 

Hopefully dad’ll do something about it by Friday. So I won’t be posting much until the laptop gets fixed. :/

 Just thought I would update you guys since it’s quite frustrating to not talk about how annoying it is to not be able to do anything productive on my laptop. 

I was learning photoshop but with the help of YouTube. 

Now I don’t know what to do. 

Take care you guys. 

 – Hiba 


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      1. Ah right. I used it when on my dads computer when my laptop had been messed up last year. I guess I’m just more used to chrome. Hence I feel more comfortable using that 🙂

      2. Haha I understand that though Chrome is the youngest and one should have been more accustomed to either Firefox or Iexplorer.
        Chrome was just pushed on us through other programs. And Google which is used to much loved pushing their own chrome.
        And I never liked that about it and it still does. I am not a push over.

  1. If you don’t have any antivirus softwares installed, then turn windows defender on and perform a full scan. In win8 and above systems defender is pretty good and detects even smaller threats. You can remove affected files from there. 🙂 #justasuggestion

      1. So I hope you are back on chrome. Btw, I’m a Windows hater, so I’m giving u a free advice 😛 get any of the Linux distros available on internet absolutely free of cost (Ubuntu/Mint being the most common ones) I’d suggest Mint for you as it looks very much like a Windows desktop. Almost all applications on windows have an equivalent Linux version available too, except for games, which is the only drawback I felt about Linux. 🙂 Also you can install it alongside windows so that you won’t have regrets later 😀 #againjustasuggestion

  2. My laptops would get viruses all the time. I finally bit the bullet and bought an Apple Macbook. It’s been almost 4 years and my laptop has been virus-free (knock on wood). It was a bit more costly than my previous laptop, but over time it has been much cheaper (free) to maintain.

    1. Aha, but I’m a poor soul that cannot afford even another cheap laptop, let alone an Apple Macbook.
      My poverty soaked blood forbids me to even dream that big 😂😭
      Haha but thanks though 😛

      1. Too late…I threw my laptop under my car, drove over it a couple of times. Now, I am praying I can find my father’s old typewriter in storage. This got real pretty quick…lol

      2. Hahaha oh my how tragic! You murdered your laptop!
        I feel sorry for your laptop. The image in my head of you driving over you laptop is too brutal.
        Enjoy using your typewriter now 😂

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