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Every day He paints the sky
With the bleeding sun as it lifts or dies
And pink
And lilac

And blue
And some bit of purple too

It gets dark and light and dark again
As clouds go from white to grey and white again

And stars glint
In the moonlight
As His Mercy shines
Even in the dark of night

And so He paints the night
In dark black ink
A darkness that lulls
Into a slumber so comforting

Enveloping the world in its nightly blanket
Keeping us in warm embrace
And stars singing lullabies
Helping us sleep better at night

And then comes a new day again
A beautiful painting
Colorful again

And birds across the canvas sky
Flying and soaring across the sky so high
Celebrating, rejoicing against the sun as it shines
As it enlightens the beauty that got covered at night
By the thick dark blanket studded with stars that shine

What is more beautiful,

Those colored days or stars at night?

 – Hiba


18 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Hiba! This is now officially my favorite poem from you. Honestly. I love how you described the transition of the colors and gave thanks to Allah in beginning by saying- He paints the sky. Indeed it is He. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jenn.
      We usually wake up at dawn for our first prayer of the day but somehow I never get the time to admire the sunrise…
      I will do too then. We’ll both admire the sunrise 😀

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