Unfortunate misperceptions

Misperceived illustrations

Misunderstandings and confusions

Somebody lift this mist of tension

Somebody guide us,

Ya Allah,

Lift these confusions,

Enlighten us in noor of your mercy and compassions

Guide us and inform us before our destruction

The destruction that awaits us due to our own ignorant abomination

Correct our wrongs and enlighten our misinterpret translations

Our own idiocy and vain decisions

Our unwillingness to understand each other in all conversations

Our rough miscalculated reliance on our thought’s precisions

Our air headed thoughts of being right on all occasions

Our egoistic drives to continue making rash decisions

Forgetting the wisdom that’s required in every transition

Unwilling to change or accept our mistaken self destruction

Ya Allah, guide us

And lift these misperceived misinformations and confusions

Enlighten us in Your Noor of Mercy and Compassion


 – Hiba


15 thoughts on “Aameen

  1. Aameen , Such a thoughtful Dua 🙂 Thanks hiba for writing it, it is a reflection of so many of my thoughts becoming heavy every day.May Allah guide us all and keep us steadfast.

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