We quit like a boss

A result of my years worth of efforts and contributions to this cause 🙂

I’ve quit though.

We all have.

Long story as to why.

But here it is: my shield:

Pakistani Blood Donors In Kuwait.

This organization was founded by Pakistanis to raise awareness among all citizens of Kuwait about the importance of blood donation. It was run mostly by Pakistanis encouraging people of all cultures and backgrounds to save lives.

Apart from hosting blood donation drives and campaigns, the organization also held monetary donation drives for certain individuals who required financial backing up for their cancer treatment and also for individuals that needed kidney transplants.

The organization had been recognized among the top ten humanitarian causes in Kuwait  by the Kuwaiti ministry of health and had been honored by the minister as well.

It was the best experience and I met the best, most committed and dedicated individuals via this organization. They had admirable loyalty towards this cause and I absolutely adore these people.
May Allah reward them all for their efforts 🙂

We’ve all quit though. But not before we treated ourselves to a celebration for all our efforts and contributions towards this cause.

This event was hosted by the executive members of the team to honor their general council team members as well as their ex executive members whose efforts had never been acknowledged before. The shields were presented by senior executive members and our sponsors and the Pakistani ambassador.

I’m glad I was part of this team and I will forever cherish the memories.

Here’s my brother’s shield:

P.s. Yes they spelled the name wrong on mine 😛

– Hiba


17 thoughts on “We quit like a boss

    1. I know… The board members had to actually argue a lot with the founder to convince him that we deserve recognition 😭
      Thanks though 🙂

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