The Sun Still Shines


Sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it pass
Let it slide

Remember all the smiles
Not the tides
That had ruined your lives

But the calm blue skies
And the sun that shines
While you still hide
In that awful place
Claiming the sun has died
And that there is no life
Outside of that messy pile
Wherein you hide

Oh but well, it is your loss after all

The sun can’t shine
On its own in your eyes
But it shines still and reflects in everyday smiles

Of that young man who falls
In love
With the sun’s inescapable shine every time.

 – Hiba // purely fiction


37 thoughts on “The Sun Still Shines

  1. Perspective eh? Those who brew negativity all the time are oblivious and blind to the positive things around them. Of course, sometimes circumstances become so difficult that changing the perspective never crosses the mind.
    Nice poem Hiba.

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