Rest your head against their chest. 
Do you hear?
Their life beating through them?
Listen to it…

And you will know what fear is.

Oh! how fragile their life is…
To only live in heartbeats…
Your sweetest melody…

And how maybe one day you will lay against them like this
And wait for the sweet delicate sound of life
And God forbid…

All you hear is dead silence.

 – Hiba


23 thoughts on “Fear 

  1. I am glad you are back ! The poem is beautiful and create a sense of fear too as its title suggested , Life is too fragile and we indeed live in heartbeats!

    1. I wont agree with that.
      If you keep your eyes open you will always know and love the people that you see making efforts to protect you.
      Some people choose to be rather blind. Those are hopeless cases…

    1. Thanks Maria 🙂
      And yeah those were literally my thoughts… in that moment..
      And it was kind of an overwhelming thought to think how fragile it all really is.. it all depends on the beating of this one organ.. and what if one day it doesn’t beat.. and I don’t get to hear it.. i don’t know how to even explain what it would do to me… except I felt a lot of fear..
      And that’s basically how I got inspired to write this..

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