Australian citizens?

Guys, if any of you are residents in Australia or know someone who’s a resident there and can be trusted, please email me on 

I need assistance and a little help regarding certain matters related to quick immigration to Australia. And yes I’ve already familiarized myself with the whole procedure and different kinds of visas too. 

Just email me if you’re staying in Australia or know someone there who’s on permanent residency. 

Thanks & Regards

– Hiba


9 thoughts on “Australian citizens?

      1. Hmm.. well, I don’t care if he’s an immigrant or not. Will he be able to find out about certain immigration matters though? A little in depth? Or do one thing. Don’t connect me to him directly. I’ll communicate the matter to you, you can communicate it to him..?

      2. Thank you so much Naiha, but SubhanAllah someone just resolved my issue an hour ago.
        But still if I need help, I think I’ll try to get help from your fiance.
        Anyway thanks for helping ☺

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