I’ve been facing such a hurricane out of life, I think I’ve lost my ability to write. 

Someone please prompt me and ask me questions so I can at least try to express myself… 


7 thoughts on “

    1. Hey Andy.
      If I could choose, my afterlife would be me and my three best friends in a garden of paradise weaving each other flower crowns.
      I’m not even kidding.
      That’s all I want.
      And the guy I’ve given my heart to.
      Your question was interesting. It made me smile.
      Thanks 🙂

  1. There’s this quote from Rupi Kaur, let me write it:
    “the writing needs me to need me.”

    Sometimes we get swept up in life but that’s not the time to force yourself to write, maybe it’s the writing telling you to take a break and take care of yourself..

      1. As writers, I know it’s hard to be “away”, but it’ll never leave your system!
        Keep fighting!

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