Tell me.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Do you see magic beyond their walls

The ones they hide behind for their egos tall

Or do you see scars and pieces fall

What do you see, tell me

Tell me all

Let’s see if what you see

Is truly

Or nothing at all.

– Hiba. // wrote this about a month ago.


18 thoughts on “Tell me.

  1. Beautiful,decoring mirror
    Like a charming light..
    Saddened inner eye’s
    A touching reflections
    Flash fire n ice
    Locked unspoken

    Beautiful share, keep blogging friend💐💐💐

  2. Yes it does see everything Hiba, that decorative mirror of yours. It sees beyond appearences. But everything is not allowed to express what it sees like humans are 🙂 Love you, hope you are well.

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