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Tell me.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Do you see magic beyond their walls

The ones they hide behind for their egos tall

Or do you see scars and pieces fall

What do you see, tell me

Tell me all

Let’s see if what you see

Is truly

Or nothing at all.

– Hiba. // wrote this about a month ago.



Let us switch roles.. You wait for me and I never return
Translation: “Lets switch roles.. You wait and I never return”

…Of falling

Oh how many there are…
So many, I cannot count.
So many, I could be heaven bound,
So many and yet I hide.

And run…
Can’t let anyone in…

And sweetheart, it hurts…
I wish I was as fearless as before.

Before you stole my firsts,
Before you tossed ‘em in the trash.
Before you broke my bones,
And let my heart crash.

And I have nothing now.

Just a step in front of me…
…I’m too afraid to climb,

And I guess this is what I’m gonna do…
Here is where I’m gonna stay,
Until the day I’m not afraid,
Until the day I could fall again…

These days I just look at my healed scars and feel afraid,
And the day I don’t, I will move on ahead.
…But until then too many chances will go amiss.

But that’s alright,
As long as my heart’s okay.

As long as no tears fall,
I will breathe.
And call it a life.

Goodnight, love.
I don’t miss you anymore…

Just wish you weren’t a thing in my life…
At least I wouldn’t hide,

From the things that were meant to revive…

 – Hiba

The Sun Still Shines


Sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it pass
Let it slide

Remember all the smiles
Not the tides
That had ruined your lives

But the calm blue skies
And the sun that shines
While you still hide
In that awful place
Claiming the sun has died
And that there is no life
Outside of that messy pile
Wherein you hide

Oh but well, it is your loss after all

The sun can’t shine
On its own in your eyes
But it shines still and reflects in everyday smiles

Of that young man who falls
In love
With the sun’s inescapable shine every time.

 – Hiba // purely fiction

Keeping it together


Half an hour

And a blank mind

A near mystery as to how I’m gonna write

Mind’s too full

Of stress and misery

After realizing that mine is not the only tragedy

Too many have got it tough

Too many and not much bluff

Only weary smiles

Tired exhausted eyes

Circles under their eyes

From all the stressful sleepless nights

And yet a faint twinkle in their eyes

And a rare sight

Of their healthy and full smile

From the hope of when it’s all gonna be alright

When the tables turn and let them guide

Each other into a wholesome endless light

Where all their dreams reside

Coming true after all this time

But first comes the sleepless nights

Where nothing is for them to set right

 And all things seem out of their might

And when the only thing that keeps them together

Is their relentlessly hopeful stride in life.

 – Hiba



Mascara traces

On her face

And ink spilled

On her journal page

Tears too.

And coffee stains

On his shirt

From when he slept awake


Both of them

And waking

To their ruined state

Ruined shirt

And journal pages

Stained with ink and tears

Blurring his name

And all the years

She spent with him

Reflecting her fears

In her mascara tears

Afraid to write

His name again

What if it blurred

By her fears again?

 – Hiba

Nothing to give


You were enchanting

Deceptive in your own beautiful ways.

Honestly I couldn’t ever tell

What you had been looking for my way

I was a tired soul and I offered hope

Not from me.

On behalf of life mostly

You just confused it

You thought I’d give you something

I just said that life will

Not I by myself, no way

I’d already given much of myself away.

 – Hiba

Beginnings and Endings


 Here’s a beginning:

Sunset skies
Charming lies
Deceptive feelings
Colorful nights
Half told truths
Consistent with lies

And an empty affair
Deception somewhere
And love on one side
How to survive

And here’s the end:

Promises break
Truth Prevails
Air suffocates

Oxygen is not enough
Those lies were like a drug
But now the truth has your grave dug
And you fell into it long back
Thinking you were falling in love.

 – Hiba


I’m stuck

On the images of silent empty nights

And coffee shops whose aroma entice

Every lonely soul by night

And I step in too

And sit by the glass window

Staring out at the fog or ice

I don’t know

I’m lost in thought

And gone

Gazing out

Into the snowy streets or fog

And I don’t like

That it’s cold

The world

The streets

His mind

My dreams

They blister the ends

And beginnings of my soul

I don’t like the cold

So I order a mug of steaming hot coffee

And burn my mouth

Like I always do

And turn around to the sounds I hear

They’re talking


In silent voices

Exchanging dangerous secrets

I don’t like it

So instead I turn back to the window

Listen instead to my demons

And ghosts

And for once they are silent



They like the cold

The quiet

The icy blistering of my soul

For once they’re satisfied

By the atmosphere of this dangerous night

They’re wishful

But silent

They don’t need to work

To upset me this time

The world does it on its own

For once this time

The world leaves me alone

With nothing to destroy or even flourish my soul.

It leaves me empty

While icy sheets of silence knock at my door.

And the quiet itself is enough

To bring my dead back to the shore

And finish all things that I’ve ever known

As they now begin to poison my soul.

 – Hiba // I mean I’m not even trying…




I was a horrible person
You were too
I made mistakes
You broke your promises too

And though it all fell apart, it still somewhat remained
You kept me a secret, never mentioned my name
Not to a soul
This one promise you never broke

And I held on too
To this one promise that left us pure
The one only cure
That could heal
The scars that continued to still bleed

And then last night you made a friend
And you mentioned me,
The girl that broke your heart to ten
And I wouldn’t have minded
As long as you still cared
Of the one promise you were keeping
Not mentioning my name

But then you told her who I was
And you discussed me while I was not there
And you two sat together. And laughed
Oh what a time you had
I can imagine the fun

Everything that we had left
Now finally came undone.

 – Hiba